Bell's FAQ

Q: How long should my shoes or boots last?

Shoes are similar to tires, the more you wear them the faster they wear out. A person wearing their boots only 30 hours a week will not have to replace them as often as a person wearing them 60 hours per week.

Q: Can my boots be resoled?

In theory, any boot with a welt (stitched) sole can be resoled. Unfortunately, finding a cobbler or shoe repair person to resole can be difficult. If your boots are Redwings, they can be sent back to Redwing and have a factory sole put on for around $60.

Q: I think my boots may be defective, what should I do?

Any warranty question needs to be addressed in our store. We must see the product in question and determine when it was purchased to begin to make a decision about the warranty. Each warranty question is handled on an individual basis and management's decision regarding warranties is final. It is in the customer's best interest to bring in any product with a warranty question to the store as soon as possible. Warranties are based on date of purchase and amount of wear. The sooner a problem is brought to our attention, the more we may be able to do for the customer.

Q: Do you place special orders?

We gladly place orders for products that we may be temporarily out of, and we also order items from our vendors that we may not carry in stock. There is no extra charge for ordering items, and generally you are not obligated to purchase items that have been ordered. Unfortunately not all of our vendors allow us to send back special orders, so we cannot special order items from all of our vendors.

Q: Do you offer layaway?

Yes we do. Here is our layaway policy.

Minimum 25% downpayment Monthly payments of at least $10. Maximum layaway time is 4 months with all layaways out by December 24. Layaways made before Christmas must be picked up by December 24. Layaway deposits and payments cannot be refunded. Layaway items may be exchanged within the first month of the layaway. Sale items may not be included in a layaway.

Q: Do you do alterations?

We offer free basic alterations on any item purchased. We no longer offer alterations on outside merchandise.

Q: When is your yearly clearance sale?

We have our Yearly Clearance sale each year in February. Generally it is on the third SATURDAY, but some years we move it forward or back a week. Advertisements for this sale appear in the Classified section of the Burlington Times-News under announcements several days before the sale.